Summit Logistics Group LLC is proud to have partnered with Turvo to provide our customers with clear visibility and transparency on their shipments from start to finish. As part of the onboarding process with Summit, our operations team will provide you and your staff with a full breakdown and portal training that is customized to your supply chain needs.


Through the value of visibility and transparency, shippers finally realize the best and brightest opportunities to lower transportation costs, improve omnichannel capabilities, and yield end-to-end visibility combined with efficiency gains.


Instead of hoping to remember shipment and context for an incoming message, your customized portal shows you recent messages to help you remember details faster to maximize ROI and efficiency. Also, embedded functions let you see messages where they are the most important, floating on the side of your screen, without ever navigating away from your dashboard.


  • Order Tracking and Tracing: Track shipments from origin to delivery, in real-time, 24/7 within a single pane of glass to promote collaboration, and keep customers informed.
  • Cross Tenant Data Sharing & Document Management: Give your external ecosystem access to Turvo with a simple link that improves shipment visibility, including the ability to upload, share, and edit critical shipping documents within Turvo.
  • Contextual Messaging: Work together with trading partners and gain focus on a specific process in managing shipments using contextual messaging functions enabling full shipment lifecycle transparency and collaborative problem-solving.