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Summit Logistics Group LLC ensures your products arrive fresh daily from Farm to Market. Through fresh food deliveries our logistics family ensures your community lives a healthier better life with timely and quality Air Freight, Less than Truckloads, Truckloads, Ocean & Rail.


Hydration is the source of life, we at Summit Logistics Group LLC simplify hauling beverages from factories to stores. We employ many strategies from our vast network of resources and experience through Air Freight, Less than Truckloads, Truckloads, Ocean & Railways.

Building Materials

Summit Logistics Group LLC is instrumental in helping to develop infrastructure, equipment and supplies to build structures. By delivering construction and equipment materials to project sites on time, on budget and securely. We help deliver results to your clients.


Delivering government items to help keep our nation safe.


We deliver plastics for everything you could imagine.


Summit Logistics LLC helps the construction industry build a better world by hauling lumber from harvest operations, lumber yards, factories & stores.

Heavy Equipment

Customers utilize us to help them deliver their specialized equipment that develops infrastructure, energy and natural resources all over the US.


Summit Logistics Group LLC is able to safely haul heavy steel from factories & industrial plants to job sites by Truck, Flatbed, Rail, River & Ocean thoroughfares.

Oil & Gas

From delivering tools for drilling to carrying gas for stations.

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