Do you have a plan B?


During the Reuters Supply Chain Execution 2022 June 1st and 2nd in Chicago, one of the main topics discussed involved resiliency.

Dow Chief Supply Chain Officer Greg Jozwiak “It’s about how fast you can recover and convert learnings from past events into your playbook. We will have disruptions. We don’t know what the next ones will be — hurricane season, floods, strikes, trade wars, wars. You can’t anticipate it, but you need a way to recover from it.” 

Megan Evert, SVP of Operations at Flexe, recommended running an analysis to help identify and avoid any single point of failure to maintain business continuity. “All of your eggs in one basket is a huge risk to your network,” she said. “Find your plan Bs.” 

It is more important than ever to have a plan B. Summit Logistics Group will work with you to provide solutions to your supply chain problems. We want to be a part of your shipping team. “We believe that getting YOUR product to YOUR customers safely and timely is OUR business.”